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A whole new character class with the MudRunner role, and some crazy new gear to equip it all with await! A New MudRunner Role If you’re an old-timer MudRunner, you may have noticed that we’ve added a new role in the game – the MudRunner role. The MudRunner role is basically just a new character class in the game, with new skills and abilities, as well as new gear to equip it all with. If you want to know more about the MudRunner role, and see all the cool new stuff we’ve added to the game, check out the following links: Here’s what you get when you’re a MudRunner. Ability Mechanics The MudRunner can jump out of the water and move around on land, so it doesn’t need to wear armor. We’ve made the following changes to make this new class more viable: The MudRunner is automatically equipped with a small, aquatic blade. This blade can be used to jump out of the water and attack enemies on land. You can block and parry incoming attacks using your blade. The player can also use this blade to slash the ground. The ground can be cut into a particular shape that can be used to create traps, attack enemies, and form new paths. The deeper the cut, the stronger the shockwave that will be created. Traps can be laid and triggered to inflict damage to enemies that walk over them. The MudRunner can also use underwater blades to cut underwater enemies and stop their forward motion. When the MudRunner uses a blade, the player will stop the player animation, but will not interrupt the enemies. If the MudRunner wants to attack enemies while moving around on land, they must equip the blade. If they equip a sword or shield, the MudRunner’s player will be forced into the equipment animation. A MudRunner will move only when the blade is equipped, and will attack only when they’re equipped. When a MudRunner uses a blade, they will make a quick dash to attack enemies. If the MudRunner has a dash cooldown timer, the character will use their dash to attack, and will wait for the timer to elapse before doing so again. After the MudRunner uses their dash, their equipment will be removed. When a MudRunner attacks, the player will be forced into the attack animation. While the MudRunner is attacking enemies, they will automatically keep




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